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Semi-Dedicated Server

Semi-Dedicated Server

:: Introduction ::

A Semi Dedicated Server differs from regular hosting services in terms of server performance, resources, and exclusivity. A regular web hosting service uses a shared server for up to over a hundreds users, where processing performance might become an issue when some users are consuming more than average processing power at peak hours. Semi-dedicated servers effectively limits the number of shared users in a single server, greatly reducing the possibility of such incident from happening. As the server is still shared among limited number of users, we are able to lower the monthly fees to a much lower amount compared to a dedicated servers. This is why our semi dedicated server hosting package is most suitable for those who require more server resources with limited budget.


:: Pricing ::

Annual Fee RM 680 / Year
Monthly Fee RM 68 / Month
Order Order


:: Key Features ::

Storage Space Unlimited
Monthly Bandwidth Unlimited
FTP Account Unlimited
Email Account Unlimited
MySQL Database Unlimited
Domains Allowed Unlimited
Addon Domains Unlimited
Parked Domains Unlimited
Sub Domains Unlimited


:: Server Configuration ::

Connection Speed 100 Mbps
Network Uptime 99.9%
Operating System LinuxLinux
Control Panel DirectAdmin / CPanel
PHP Version 5.3.x
MySQL Version 5.5.x
PHPMyAdmin Yes


:: Email Features ::

Email Account Unlimited
Email Space Unlimited
Email Allias Yes
Anti-Spam / Anti-Virus Yes
Auto Responders Yes
Catch All Email Yes
Email Forwarders Yes
POP3 Support Yes
SMTP Support Yes
IMAP4 Support Yes
Webmail Access Yes
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